Futbolove Historie

Visual indentification system and design of the exhibition "Futbolove Historie" in Państwowe Muzeum Etnograficzne, Warsaw, Poland.

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State Ethnographic Museum is one of the first of its kind in Poland. Since the end of the 19th century it collects and examines the cultural heritage of humanity. On the occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2016 the museum has decided to open its doors and exhibition halls for an extremely colorful and diverse world of football passion.

While maintaining the current exhibition entitled "Times of Celebration", dedicated to more traditional ways of celebrating, we have introduced Poland's largest collection of football memorabilia (Collection of Stefan Szczepłek) into the museum space. 
Exhibition hall, view from the floor
Hexagonal captions of exhibits were made of 2 layers: yellow foil and foam coming off the black. In the background there are images in two colors with superimposed pattern.

The resulting accumulation of various colors, both costumes and football memorabilia, required introduction of unconventional visual solutions. To catch attention of recipients we have used a highly contrasted colors and polygons used in the legendary football Adidas Telstar (developed for the needs of the first television broadcast of a football match)
hexagons palette: white, black, yellow - recurring elements of exhibition identification
Sketches, working on the concept of logotype - eye combined with ball - a synthesis of idea that is guiding the exhibition.
Key Visual of the campaign
Glass displays were covered with matte foil with hexagonal cut "windows" that point the attention of visitors to the new elements of the exhibition.
To emphasize the dynamics of entering the world of football museum interior, we have created outline of the football field, thrown at an angle on the outline of the exhibition hall.
Plan of the exhibition spac
In cooperation with the patron, BZ WBK Bank Santander, custom promotional items were introduced in the museum’s space.
Visualization of the stand with the installed TV playing prootional advertising material.

“Futbol jest wszędzie!” "Football is everywhere!"
Communication in social media consciously and ironically referred to the accumulation of information related to football and the World Cup. We tried to reach a new audience, without discouraging regular visitors with the theme of exhibition. .
Animation / interview with the editor Stefan Szczepłe
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The exhibition was shown in other media, such as Dzień Dobry TVN, Rzeczpospolita, Polskie Radio Program III, TVP SPORT, Przegląd Sportowy, Piłka Nożna, Zwykłe Życie, Kopalnia.
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